Welcome to Nature Labs

It's a livingclassroom

Its story arehigh school lessons in action

Virtual Platform

A mix of video, text and imagery that transports you into a specific animal’s home and the issues relating to current issues.

Challenge Project

Students will have a chance to think critically about how we can better balance the needs of people and nature.

Mutiple Courses

Whether it be English, Science, Social Studies or Art, the stories weave together themes that seamlessly integrate subjects .


The best project from every class will be submitted to a ‘National Idea Bank’, as selected by a bi-partisan panel of experts, will receive mentorship to continue building the idea.

Online Classroom

A place where resources have been curated for you to explore and learn about the themes of today’s lesson.

Unbiased Lessons

With politics stripped away, you begin to rethink what you thought you knew and start to understand the interconnectedness of nature, your subjects and society.

Daily Updates

Constantly updated in real time, relating the subject matter – and how that relates to your community and to your world.

Curated Resources

Info-graphics and detailed maps, media videos and articles with analysis, podcast-style interviews with diverse experts and interactive virtual presentations and field trips.

To every student......and every community

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