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Interviewing a Stakeholder

  1. Identify the stakeholders. You can contact 100 people and only one person may return your message. Where can you find a stakeholder on your topic? Check Twitter, universities, media articles, local experts, government employees etc..
  2. Write an email template that briefly introduces yourself, states your purpose, outlines what you would like to interview them about and adds a timeframe or set of dates to connect.
  3. Set an interview time. With any responses:
    1. Research the stakeholder further.
    2. Reply with your exact topic, or questions and what you are looking for in the interview.
    3. Set a date, time and method for connecting for the interview.
    4. Remind the interviewee a day before and restate the topic you will be asking him or her about.
  1. Prepare five to ten questions. Don’t ask the obvious questions that can be found by conducting a google search. Apply it specifically to the topic you are writing about. Take your time and find the right questions that will help you answer your thesis question.
  2. Test your interviewing method and have all materials ready.
  3. Record the interview.
  4. Thank the interviewee before and after you ask your questions.
  5. Create a transcript of the conversation and highlight important information.
  6. Send a follow up thank you message, briefly follow up on your progress with the report and let them know what specifically they helped you with.

Sample Questions

How does this issue impact you or your business?

What steps are you taking right now to reduce the impact of this issue?

What would happen to you if this issue is not addressed?

Do you see any risk with this policy recommendation? Why or why not?

Would you agree with this policy if it were to cost xxx amount of money?

What do you think could go wrong with this policy? What obstacles could ruin the possibility of turning this into policy?

Who else may be affected by this issue in your company/community?

What do you think will change if this policy were to take effect?

How would the recommendation I am proposing affect you? Do you agree with the recommendation? Would you change anything about it?

How will you define success if this policy were to take effect?

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