Ghost Bear Institute is more than its two co-founders; it’s the by-product of a group of champions who have supported us throughout our journey. And this week, we’d like to introduce you to our board – four of the most remarkable and talented humans you’ll ever meet. Like us, each have been inspired by nature’s stories and we asked that they share with you their favourite animal and why.

Meet Amanda Gierling!

Amanda Gierling is a Chartered Professional Accountant, who has spent nearly a decade working at Travelers Canada, a leading property and casualty insurer. Before joining Travelers, Amanda spent four years at Ernst & Young LLP while studying for her accounting designation, where she gained extensive experience serving clients in the not-for-profit sector. Amanda brings invaluable financial expertise to the role of Treasurer on the Ghost Bear Institute’s board, helping support the growth of Nature Labs.

As a mother, Amanda understands the need for a modern curriculum that takes advantage of current technologies and fosters a respect for nature in a way that is fun and relatable for the next generation of students.

Amanda earned her undergraduate degree in management and organizational studies from Western University in London, Ontario.

She currently lives in Toronto with her family.

And Amanda’s favourite animal?

“The fox, which is why I love your Foxy Friday posts! When I was younger and living in London, I was at the back of our property (my parents own several acres of land) and I encountered a fox kit. We were about 30 feet apart and we just sort of stared at each other for a while. It was so cute and I didn’t know what to do but observe and learn. When we each walked away, I felt I gained a deeper appreciation for my natural neighbor.”

Red fox kit in tall grass.