Ghost Bear Institute is more than its two co-founders; it’s the by-product of a group of champions who have supported us throughout our journey. And this week, we’d like to introduce you to our board – four of the most remarkable and talented humans you’ll ever meet. Like us, each have been inspired by nature’s stories and we asked that they share with you their favourite animal and why.

Meet Kerrie Blaise!

Kerrie Blaise is lawyer and advocate based in Ontario, Canada, passionately dedicated to environmental and public interest law.  After years of volunteering with many environmental non-profits, including the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition; obtaining a Masters of Science from the University Edinburgh, where she studied the marine impacts of offshore oil development; and graduating from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2016, Kerrie is honoured to join the Ghost Bear Institute as its Chair.

Kerrie continues to work in the non-profit sector, representing clients and community groups seeking to uphold the government’s commitments on environmental protection. She frequently appears before tribunals, at conferences and in consultations with government officials on issues spanning nuclear reactor safety and environmental protection, international trade agreements, natural resource use and endangered species.

And Kerrie’s favourite animal?

“Wolves! I love, love, love wolves. The existence of a wolf signifies so much – namely a healthy ecosystem. As recently as a month ago I was in consultation with the province about expanding the buffer zone around provincial parks to ensure the species is given more space to thrive. I could say a lot about wolves! Oh, and all mustelids, especially martens and river otters! Pine martens because they’re semi-rare, feisty and hilarious; river otters because I find them fascinating and have had many personal encounters that have inspired my love for nature.”