We are both honoured to have been elected to the Fellowship of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society. Its mission is dedicated to promoting and enhancing public awareness for Canadian geography, and to strengthening the bond between Canadians and their diverse and vast geographical heritage.

While this recognition means a great deal to us personally (after all, Jill’s name now stands alongside her longtime hero, Tuzo Wilson), it means even more to Nature Labs

The election is due, in part, to the work we’re currently undertaking and provides the project with additional credibility. It also reminds us that while we’re holed up editing and building the platform, there are people, like you, and institutions, like Canadian Geographic, who believe in the value and importance of our shared dream.

A huge thank you goes to Michelle Valberg for her unwavering friendship and support of Nature Labs at every step. She nominated us for this election and it’s an honour to be a Fellow alongside Michelle. 

We hope Nature Labs will add to the work and voices of our co-Fellows, and the Society as a whole, in continuing to help promote the wonders of Canada.

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