Imagine you’re a high school teacher

You’re a Science 9 teacher and mandated to meet vague, varied curriculum guidelines, but the textbooks are out-dated and the subject matter is dry. You want to bring the course to life and you want to draw real-world connections, so you decide to use Nature Labs – its unit plans and accompanying lessons – to help you integrate new teaching strategies. Continue reading...

This is Nature Labs.


1. Unit and lesson plans
2. Plug-and-play interdisciplinary themes
3. Student-selected story portal
4. Curated digital ecosystem
5. Daily content
6. Challenge project
7. Mentorship scholarship



1. Customizable unit and lesson plans
2. Class, school or community curated content
3. Virtual field trips
4. Live and interactive learning
5. On-demand teacher mentorship
6. Virtual student tutoring


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Curriculum Connections


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