What do you think?

  • Do you think it’s ok to have losers in a solution?
  • What divisions do you see within your community?
  • Do you see the urban rural divide between your community and the other side?
  • Do you think there is a way for those divided people to find a shared solution? Why or why not?
  • Where do you see Canada’s economy heading in the future? More knowledge based? More resources? Why?
  • Do you think the government should assist rural economies to continue existing, or should they encourage more people to move to cities?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of both rural communities and urban communities?
  • How might failing rural communities revitalize their economy without depending on resources? Is there a province or territory that mostly depends on the resource economy over others?
  • Which major cities in Canada are still along an active rail line?
  • Explain this statement: “it’s never as simple as economics versus the environment. It’s really culture versus culture and how the economic choices we make often determine cultural outcomes.”
  • What do rural communities and indigenous communities have in common?
  • Can we balance urban and rural cultures and safeguard biodiversity and advance reconciliation? And if the answer is no, what does that mean for the hard decisions we face? What does that mean for the future of our democracy itself?
  • What ideas do you have that will help us “must learn to live with those who have differing opinions from our own.”
  • What have you learned in this chapter that might help solve the issue? How would science, art, social studies, english and careers help with the issue?

Terms & Concepts

  • Knowledge Based Economy
  • Economic Diversification
  • Reconciliation
  • Government Subsidization


Gather in small groups and answer the following:

  • Are there common themes or categories that your ideas can be organized into?
  • Add any more ideas/questions - this should be done at any point during the first 5 chapters of this unit!
  • Vote on the best solutions and list the pros and cons of each.

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