As we enter the final leg of our journey to build Nature Labs, we’ve encountered a big issue. Who knew that it was next to impossible to edit our 80TB of 4K video on a laptop that was only 2 years old? Well…maybe some of you did know that. But we now realize that in order to get Nature Labs into high school classrooms across Canada and around the world, we need to upgrade our computer.

How can you help? Why not purchase one of our photographs for your wall?

Here’s a view of our best sellers.

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Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

8×12” $75
12×18” $125
16×24” $200
24×36” $300

Limited Edition Canvas Wraps (ready to hang)

8×12” $150
12×16” $225
16×24” $300
24×36” $425

And to make this a bit tastier, use the coupon code ‘computer’ for $10 off your purchase! (Expires Jan. 31st)

* all prices are in Canadian dollars
* all proceeds support
* many more sizes available
* more images at OR choose from any image from our social media, including our top 25 of 2020
* All orders come with a free virtual hug

Thank you to those of you who supported nature literacy either through joining us on Patreon, donating or by purchasing a print. You’re the reason we’ve come as far as we have, and with your continued support we’ll be able to complete Nature Labs by the end of this year.

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