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Create the better world you imagine:

How might you follow in Simon’s footsteps and work to create a better world?
What issue inspires you to take action?
What’s your passion and how might you use it to make a difference?
What first step might you take to help people and nature?

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20 Tools for Making a Difference

1. Passion

Find your passion and help what you care about by doing what you love and what makes you happy.

2. Research

Understand your idea from all sides and make yourself the absolute expert in the field. And don't be afraid to ask the questions that need to be asked, even if they're uncomfortable.

3. Leadership

Help lead by working with or supporting existing leaders in your community. But if you can't find someone tackling the issue you care about, then don't be afraid to be the leader.

4. Empathy

Understand why someone might not agree with you and find opportunities to learn from them. Have empathy for people with different perspectives: There are no enemies, just different humans with different experiences.

5. Goal

Know what you want to accomplish and be clear about what success looks like.

6. Message

Create a simple message that everyone can understand and drive that message home to everyone who will listen.

7. Urgent Positivity

If your issue is urgent, convey it as urgent, but frame it positively so that people feel there is hope for success.

8. Solution

Don’t be against something; be for something. If you’re trying to address a problem, suggest a possible solution. Even if it isn’t the right solution, you’re being proactive and helping start a conversation.

9. Easy ask

If you need help to succeed, develop 1-3 ‘asks’ that will make people want to help and do so easily.

10. Storytelling

Across multiple platforms, tell your story and do so with strong visuals where possible. But always keep your story crisp and to the point – less is always better.

11. Audience

Understand who you need to reach and make sure your message will be well received by that audience.

12. Relatable

Make your issue relevant and relatable to people who might not be as passionate as you; make them understand why they should care.

13. Dream big/start small

Don’t be afraid to reach for the impossible dream, but start where you can succeed quickly to build momentum.

14. Focus

Don't spread yourself too thinly. Focus on your goal and you'll have a greater chance of success.

15. Unusual suspects

Get out of your comfort zone and have conversations that make you uncomfortable. By talking to people you don’t agree with, you can built bridges, learn and increase your chances of success.

16. Celebrate success

Crossed an item off your ‘to do list’? Celebrate. Accomplished a minor goal? Celebrate. Finding ways to appreciate small joys sustains momentum both personally and professionally.

17. Innovate

No challenge is insurmountable. When you encounter an obstacle, work to find innovative ways to overcome it.

18. Moments

Not everything is the end of the world. Pick your moments to act so that when you do speak up, people notice.

19. Be humble

We’re all human and we all fail. It’s critical to avoid being righteous or an absolutist, lest you make a mistake yourself.

20. Honourable and open

Keep your word. Follow through. Give people a chance. Accept criticism. Learn from mistakes. Ask for advice. Find mentors. Essentially, be honourable and open, even when it's hard.

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