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Bruce Wilkinson

During his career, Bruce held a number of positions related to nature and the environment.  He operated an outdoor adventure business in Mount Robson Provincial Park for over 13 years, where he guided rafting canoeing and backpacking trips.  He also delivered interpretive programs in Mount Robson Provincial Park for 11 years and at the Valemount Visitor Centre for 5 years.  He was a professional member of the Interpretive Guides Association (the body that oversees all interpretation for national parks).  He also designed and taught courses in interpretive guiding, natural history and environmental stewardship for the College of New Caledonia for 11 years. 

Bruce has been a strong advocate for environmental enhancement and improvement that allows for recreational use.  He was instrumental in getting water pumped into a lake near Valemount that was shrinking due to industrial extraction, and having the area designated as a Regional Park.  As President of the Swift Creek Watershed Society, he spearheaded a habitat restoration project that should enhance the salmon returns in Swift Creek in Valemount for years to come.

Bruce has a strong belief people cannot rely on government to make change without individuals taking positive steps to show the benefit of change and taking a leadership role in getting the support of government to make that change happen.

Watch his interview with Nature Labs

Listen to his interview with Nature Labs

Critical Thinking Questions

  • What do you think of Bruce’s approach to stewardship?
  • Do we need more people in society putting forward ideas?
  • Is it wrong to criticize something if we, ourselves, can’t offer up a better solution? Is that view too black and white or is there real merit to it?
  • What is his legacy in Valemount? Has it helped the community, the region? Has it been a net positive for nature?
  • Can, or should, his model be duplicated in other communities like Valemount?
  • Is it a solution to the divisions we face, or will the model just feed the growing tourism demand creating a different kind of pressure on the environment?

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Favourite BookGreen Republic: Birth of Ecotourism in Costa Rica

Favourite Magazines: I am an avid reader of Canadian Geographic and National Geographic, and would recommend students read these magazines to gain a better understanding of the environment.