Well, apparently it’s that time again. Jill was informed that her brother-in-law turned on the holiday music the other day and it clued her in that: 1. He’s a little bit early and 2. Maybe it’s about time we send out a few holiday gift giving ideas before we’re a little bit too late.

1. Shop with meaning!

By purchasing any item from our store, know that 100% of the proceeds will support Nature Labs. Looking for a specific image from our Facebook or Instagram accounts? Or maybe you’d like something very specific. Something we’ve never published, but you’re just convinced we have buried deep in our archives? Let us know (hello@ghostbear.org), and we’ll add it to the shop! Order deadline is December 6th for delivery by December 25th.

2. Sign someone up to become a Nature Labs patron on Patreon!

Become a patron for nature by helping us build Nature Labs this holiday season and stay entertained for the ENTIRE YEAR!

Join our featured tier, the SUPERSTAR💫. You are a superstar, after all.

What do you get with this subscription?:

  1. Instagram Secret Stories! Whoever said that secrets don’t make friends has never seen our Instagram secret stories. These near-daily stories are an EXCLUSIVE look at Simon’s weirdest habits: His deathly fear of sandwiches! His conversations with his computer! His extremely weird (yet oddly sweet) relationship with a parking lot-dwelling goose! These stories are always filmed secretly, to enjoy Simon at his absolute weirdest, maximizing your personal enjoyment. Also: Jill shows you how she endures life with Simon! Also: You gain a new follower; we will follow you back!
  2. Animal Stories! Short, modern, quirky, fun stories that, once per month, introduce you to your natural neighbourhood and ask the questions you’ve been dying to have answered: Surprising facts you don’t know about grizzly bears! (They like to mate with a view!) Why lynx exist! (Turns out we don’t really know why!) The greatest R/raptor of all time? (Not the red tailed hawk and not Vince Carter!) Is there an evolutionary purpose to that dangly piece of skin-fur hanging below the neck of a moose? (No spoilers here!)
  3. Nature Labs Podcast Series! EXCLUSIVE access to our monthly Nature Labs Podcast Series: We sit down with everyone from former prime ministers to top chefs – and everyone in between – to hear provocative ideas and divergent perspectives on how to better balance the needs of people and nature.
  4. Discount! Maybe one photo isn’t enough and you need more to decorate your walls RIGHT NOW! Fear not, Patreoner: you get an EXCLUSIVE 20% discount on all purchases from our store, with all proceeds supporting Nature Labs.
  5. Be the first to know! Receive EXCLUSIVE access to our semi-regular irregular updates and be the very first to know about our very latest disasters: Fires! Floods! Dead bears! Oh my!
  6. Be part of our community! Join us for an EXCLUSIVE quarterly Patreon community video chat via Facebook live. It’s your chance to ask us anything. Anything! Like why are pika so creepy (and what the heck is a pika?)?! Why does Simon always wear the same shirt?! How are the Blue Jays going to manage their payroll and stay competitive and improve the bullpen?! 
  7. Free photo! Each month we’ll share with you one EXCLUSIVE, never-before-seen nature image from our collection for your personal use. Stare at a bear photo on your desktop in winter and wish it was spring! Print it and hang it on your wall and spare a thought for those who only decorate their walls with Post-It notes!

Give a gift with meaning this holiday season: Join us on Patreon!

What’s Nature Labs? What’s Patreon? Why are we on Patreon to build Nature Labs? Why join along for the adventure? Check this out!

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3. Hang one of these five 12×18″ canvas wrap prints on your wall to save on our normal pricing and get into the holiday spirit!

Order here, or email us with your selection: jill@ghostbear.org

4. Make a donation to Nature Labs in the name of your nature lover!

Help us build a world where millions support nature literacy in the classroom and millions act with a foundation of nature literacy. You will receive a custom certificate to give to your family, friends, or colleagues.

Whether it’s $10 or $100, every dollar counts.

5. Purchase a gift card to our shop!

100% of the proceeds will support the construction of Nature Labs.

6. Purchase a t-shirt from Truly Wild!

$5 from every item in this collection is donated to Nature Labs. Truly Wild and New Plumage are sustainable clothing brands dedicated to wildlife conservation. And let us tell you – their t-shirts are beyond comfortable!

Have any questions or gift ideas you’d like us to offer?  Send us a message (hello@ghostbear.org), we’d love to hear from you.

Happy (very early) holidays!!

  • Jill & Simon