Jim Bottomley

Jim is an entrepreneur, futurist, writer, management consultant and professional speaker. His unique thinking models enable both individuals and organizations to develop innovative plans for future success. Working within many sectors, Jim suggests strategies that cross boundaries, with the focus to provide better benefits to stakeholders served.

Previously, Jim graduated with an HBA from Western and managed marketing programs for Quaker Oats. He quit this high-powered job to try to be a novelist and has been self-employed for over thirty years, with seven start-ups launched. Jim’s novel HYPNOTIZING LIONS, a mystery-thriller where an amnesiac charged with murder inspires a psychiatric hospital breakout, was a finalist for an Arthur Ellis Award in 2019.

Jim believes society tries to slot people into a speciality, countering that his eclectic interests and different careers have benefited his overall happiness. Always, Jim tries to balance his work with access to nature and has lived next to the wild, in both Jasper, Alberta and Sooke, BC. For one year Jim and his wife Deb backpacked around the world, where he learned people are more the same than different.

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Critical Thinking Questions

  • Do you agree? Is the future hopeful?
  • In a changing workforce, can we adapt quickly enough to find new careers that allow us to combine mission and passion?
  • Might this provide a sense of focus that can unlock new ideas to solve long staled-debates?
  • Does advocacy as a whole need to take more of a business approach? Has this held back opportunities to advance change? Or might a business or career-centric approach to advocacy hurt our ability to balance the needs of people and nature?

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Favourite Book: I read three hours a day, splitting between business/trend books and fiction. My favourite is the next book, documentary, blog or podcast that teaches me something new.