Head of Creative, Creativision

Shawn MacDonell

A creative wanderer exploring the world around him. Figuring out ways to break a bunch of rules in this world so that more people have space in it.

Listen to his interview with Nature Labs

Critical Thinking Questions

  • Do you agree with Shawn that creativity and play are what makes a day more fun and productive?
  • To prepare the next generation of leaders, should we focus on unlocking creativity, rather than specific skills?
  • The challenges we face – in searching for jobs and to create a better society – aren’t easy. How can we make it more fun, more whimsical, more joyous?
  • What makes you happy?
  • How can your passion help you get a job you love? How can doing what you love make you a better steward and a better leader?

More on Shawn

Listen to his Tedx Talk: Career Chaos - Are you doing what you love?

Read articles about Shawn: Hintonburg swept by beast invasion, A mystery box in an Ottawa couple's front yard contains holiday surprises

Favourite Books: Any biography/autobiography that lets you learn more about the human spirit. Rowan Atkinson's and Richard Branson's are high on my list.

Favourite Podcast: Terry O'Reilly's Under The Influence 

Favourite Website or Program (think newspaper, blog or conference, outreach program/initiative you think students should be aware of): https://ivanspiration.tumblr.com/ an amazing spot for inspiration and the BEST OF ALL: https://soulpancake.com/