Professor, author

Stephen Herrero

Stephen Herrro is professor emeritus of ecology at the University of Calgary and, most famously, author of the legendary classic, Bear Attacks: Their Causes and Avoidance. The book, which is in its third edition – remarkable for a Canadian publication – is the definitive book on bear-human conflict and required reading for anyone who spends time in bear country. His journey to becoming a globally recognized authority on bears began with a PhD in animal behaviour and ecology at the University of California, Berkeley and his research was inspired by curiosity – why we knew so little about bears and how to learn more. His ground-breaking studies started in Jasper National Park and quickly led him to uncovering facts that have saved countless lives – both human and bear. His research has been used to re-examine our relationship with grizzly bears, advance new strategies to conserve the species and underpin bear safety laws and techniques.

Listen to his interview with Nature Labs

Critical Thinking Questions

  • Does one bear matter? Does one species matter? Does one ecosystem matter?
  • Why do you think grizzly bears matter?
  • Based on what Stephen has said, and written, do you have a better sense of how to coexist with them?
  • How do you think we’re doing with co-existence? How can we improve?
  • To debate these answers, how important is it to reflect?
  • On our relationship with nature; with animals like grizzlies?
  • How important is it that we seek feedback and peer review – official or otherwise – when we do reflect and work to ask questions that can blaze a new path?