Transportation Planner, WATT Consulting Group, Research Associate, The University of British Columbia

Victor Ngo

Victor Ngo is an urban planner, research scientist, and educator with over five years of experience in sustainable community development. He works with local communities to develop sustainable transportation and mobility solutions, and conducts research on how to design healthy cities for people. Victor holds a MA in Planning and a BA in Geography from the University of British Columbia. He is a Fellow with the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and volunteers with The Starfish Canada and the Fraser Basin Council to advise on youth environmental and charitable initiatives across the country.

Listen to his interview with Nature Labs

Critical Thinking Questions

  • Increasingly the idea of co-existing with nature in an urban landscape is seen as one of the best tools in our tool box. Do you agree?
  • Should we encourage more people to follow in Victor’s footsteps and investigate how to use research and planning as a career to reimagine cities as a tool for conservation?
  • So often Victor’s work looks to improve on the status quo. Should we be using research as a means to not only look at what we don’t know, but help reimagine what we do?

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