Former College Biology Professor (retired), Wildlife Filmmaker, Environmental Science Labs

Judy Lehmberg

Wildlife Filmmaker – 2008 to present, produced over 100 short movies for YouTube, sold footage to MammothHD, Nature Footage, Nat Geo Wild, Smithsonian Channel, PBS Nature, Caters Inc, created 21 short videos for Cengage Publishing, environmental music video distributed by Green Planet Media, A Kid for the Wild. Biology Professor, 1990 – 2008, Biology Department, Lee College, Baytown Texas, Courses Taught: General Biology I and II, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Zoology and Botany New Courses Developed: General Biology I and General Biology II. Biology Professor, 1978 – 1990, Biology Department, San Jacinto College North, Houston, Texas, Courses Taught: zoology, botany, microbiology, comparative vertebrate anatomy, and human anatomy and physiology. Assistant Instructor, 1976 – 1978, Dept. of Life Sciences, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX, Courses Taught: zoology, botany, and human biology labs. Biology Teacher, 1976, Highlands North Boys High School, Johannesburg, South Africa, Courses Taught: biology and physical science. Biology Teacher, 1974 – 1976, Spring High School, Spring, Texas, Courses Taught: biology, field biology, and physical science.

Listen to her interview with Nature Labs

Critical Thinking Questions

  • Judy makes the case for why all storytellers are educators and all educators are storytellers. Do you agree?
  • Can teaching through story be a more effective tool of learning?
  • Judy has the education credentials when it comes to biology. Do we all need to be educated in a field to help teach the subject?
  • Or should storytellers find more charismatic educators to help convey educational stories?
  • And what about the reverse: Is it possible to tell great stories that seek to teach?
  • Where’s the line between entertainment and work or chore?
  • Have nature stories leaned too heavily on education and, thus, become a chore to consume?

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Favourite Book: A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold, specifically his essay, "A Land Ethic"

Favourite Documentary: Queen of Trees by Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone

Favourite Websites: Center for Biological Diversity, CBS Sunday Morning, Save Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout, Environmental Science Labs