Marie-Eve Marchand

Marie-Eve Marchand lives and works in Banff with her husband, Harvey Locke. She successfully coordinated the movement to bring the plains bison back to Banff National Park as well as organized the Buffalo Treaty which included over twenty indigenous communities in Alberta, BC, SK and Montana. She previously helped develop the idea of wilderness in French “Nature Sauvage” and played a key in role in the Quebec government’s commitment to protect at least half of northern Quebec. Social Innovation is the core of what she does by bringing culture, conservation sciences, communications and policy together for nature.

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Critical Thinking Questions

  • What lessons can we learn – should we learn – from her journey?
  • Do we need more bison belongs?
  • Should we be re-wilding, re-introducing long missing wildlife from ecosystems from Mount Robson Provincial Park to those in our backyard? Or should this initiative be a one-off, impossible, or improper, to reproduce?
  • With fewer and fewer resources, are we better off saving what we have, rather than bringing back what we’ve already lost? Or, by bringing back wildlife we’ve already lost, do we give ourselves a better chance to save the animals, the ecosystem we’re endanger of losing?
  • What’s your perspective? And, if this isn’t the right blueprint to scale, what is?

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Favourite Book: Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen

Favourite Podcasts: George Monbiot talks, articles and videos and HumaNature

Favourite Program: Nature Needs Half

Favourite Website: The Guardian