Quinn Scott

I am a long time fisherman and outdoors enthusiast with a passion for conservation. I work tirelessly to contribute what I can towards sustaining the fish and wildlife populations that mean so much to me.

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Critical Thinking Questions

  • Is he right to be worried?
  • What is the future of fisheries – economically and environmentally?
  • What does that mean culturally – for those who have lived off of the sea; for the communities that are built around fishing; for reconciliation?
  • In a world that demands cheaper food, can fishers put more time and effort into being better, more ethical stewards – managing their resource to enhance, not detract from, biodiversity – given that most consumers will still buy the cheapest seafood they find?
  • if comes down to us, what is our role in determining the seafood market and, by way, policies? Or is the world too complex as it is to weigh the decisions that go into putting the fish on our dish; to make more informed decisions?
  • What’s the right answer? What more don’t we know that we need to know to uncover the right answer?

More on Quinn

Favourite Book: A River Never Sleeps by Roderick Haig-Brown

Favourite Documentary: Planet Earth and Blue Planet

Favourite Website: Steelhead Voices