CEO, Grand River Hospital Foundation & founder & CEO causeprofit

Paul McIntyre Royston

Igniting change through philanthropy.

We are all in this together; it behooves us to enable our colleagues and compatriots to be the best they can be. Through motivation, structural change and a bottom-line belief in their ability to succeed.

As a firm believer in work-life integration, I have always viewed all that I undertake as an extension of myself; recognizing that with only one life to live we must take it as an all-inclusive deal.

The opportunity to continue building dynamic teams keeps me going as we all strive to do something we have never done before. I like to say we should aim for Jupiter and when we land on Mars, we'll still have achieved something that no one has done before. The aspiration and target of Jupiter has us consider things in a way we otherwise wouldn’t.

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Critical Thinking Questions

  • How do we know what dreams to act on and what dreams to let go of?
  • Do we need to intertwine good and career in order to dream our maximum dreams?
  • Does an aspect of selflessness give us more fuel to shoot for Jupiter?
  • Do we need mentors – and even teams of rivals or dissenters – to help us know how and when and if to act on our dreams?
  • How can we get feedback that helps without running the risk of stifling creativity?
  • If so many dreams, so many ideas to help nature, come down to raising money, how can we emulate Paul’s success when, frankly, we might be competing with that drive, that passion for the same pot of money?
  • Is Paul a fundraising unicorn or a window into the potential we each possess if we’re just willing to unlock it?

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Favourite Book: Tao Te Ching by Laozi

Favourite Website:  Hacker News - my absolute best go to for ideas and different approaches