Chapter Six


Welcome to your project. Create a prototype and conduct rapid testing of your idea.

👩🏻‍🏫 Media – Prototyping

Hot Takes

Victor Ngo

Victor Ngo is an urban planner, research scientist, and educator with over five years of experience in sustainable community development. He works with local...

Justin McElroy

If you voted as part of the #CanadianTVBracket or ever read a breakdown of the best Canadian Heritage Minutes, you probably know of Justin...

Reflection Activity

  • Option One: Using photos only, explain what you took away from the theme media.
  • Option Two: Complete a sketch that demonstrates an idea that was presented in the theme media.

Further Exploration

Your Project

It's time to get ready to create!

Project: Part One

Lock down your idea.

Project: Part Two

Rapid Prototying.

Project: Part Three


From the Sorted Library


Michael Kennedy

So, you’ve got a great idea for a class project; to launch a new business; to improve a community service; to change the world...

Further Considerations

How To

Guides to help you figure things out.
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