Chapter Seven

Identifying Bias

Foster empathy for those you disagree with and listen to alternate perspectives.

Part One

👩🏻‍🏫 Lesson Media – Identifying Bias

Head to your theme and listen to two podcasts that have different views on your theme.

Theme 1: Economics

Save the economy to save nature or save nature to save the economy?

Theme Three: Ethics

Should individuals matter in conservation?

Theme 2: Resources

Endangered Species: A question of resources.

Theme Four: Stewardship

Are we killing nature with kindness?

Theme 5: Land-Use

Land Use: Does Nature Need Half?

Part Two

As you work on your project, your teacher will direct you through the activities below that help you along your journey.

Bias in Articles

How do you identify personal biases in journalism? Why is it important to be aware of?

Self Reflection

How did you form your values and beliefs? How can you understand that others don't necessarily share your beliefs, but it's valuable to understand them.

Bias Analysis

Do you have a bias when it comes to the topic you are exploring? What is it? Is that a bad thing?

Find Common Ground

Find a message or piece of art you do not agree with. Do some research on the artist and find a commonality between the both of you.

Being Open Minded

How do you listen to others and respectfully understand each others perspectives?

Fake News

What is fake news and how do you find the truth?

Part Three

How does doing good research relate to you?

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Identifying Bias

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